Monday, December 29, 2008

Gonzalez Holiday Cheer

Happy Holidays to all of our GONZALEZ family and friends! It’s that last time of the year between Christmas Day and New Years Eve, that time when children are out of school and for many of us things seem to be moving in slow motion as we await the New Year. Even though the ship is in a holiday leave and upkeep period, your Sailors still stand their watches, still stand duty, and still stand ready for the call. And while we are always ready, the best crew in the Navy certainly knows how to take care of our family and friends during the holidays. This year we held both a GONZALEZ Holiday Party and a Children’s Holiday Party. The GONZALEZ Holiday Party was a tremendous success and a real testament to the Sailors of the planning committee who organized it. Well done! One of the hits of the party this year was the dance contest. While we may not have anyone quite ready to dance with the stars, we did have a few stars of our own.

The very next day, we hosted our Children’s Holiday Party at the Bowling Center on the Naval Station. The GONZALEZ kids had a great time bowling, sampling pizzas and cake and taking part in a few special contests. The best part, of course, was the visit of Santa who brought gifts for everyone! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! - Captain

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