Friday, February 20, 2009

USNA Ship Selection Night 2009

Being a University of Arkansas Alumnus, my blood will always run red and white for the Razorbacks. Go Hogs! But being a Naval Officer, my blood also runs blue and gold, and on February 19th, I enjoyed the opportunity to make a visit to the United States Naval Academy in the great city of Annapolis, Maryland. Two of my Division Officers who are Academy graduates and I made the drive up from Norfolk for the 2009 Ship Selection Night. This is the night when the Senior Midshipmen who have chosen to become Surface Warfare Officers select their first ships. The Midshipmen are organized by class rank, and then one by one, each chose their ship by selecting a placard with the ship’s name off the big board. It’s an exciting night for the Mids, the parents in attendance, alumni, and visiting officers. For me, it was just as exciting to see the two GONZALEZ name placards on the big board. And yes, much like an expectant father, I waited in anticipation for two Mids to make the best selections of the night. And yes, my Division Officers and I did some recruiting both before and during the event! We presented each Mid who chose GONZALEZ with a ballcap, t-shirt, patch, coin, and welcome aboard package. At the right, my Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer and I welcome the first Midshipman to choose GONZALEZ to the Wardroom.

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