Saturday, March 7, 2009

Building Bridges

Yesterday was another first for me in command of the best crew in the Navy. Yesterday, on Friday the 6th of March, I administered a commissioning oath to one of my Sailors for the first time. Just after 10am in the morning, Fire Control Chief Petty Officer Brandon Bridges became Ensign Brandon Bridges. Indeed, it was a great day for GONZALEZ. The only downside, of course, is that my Chief Petty Officer's Mess loses an outstanding Chief and another wardroom on the waterfront will soon gain an outstanding new Officer - such is the path of transitioning a Chief from the Mess to the Wardroom.

As the spring weather finally returned to Hampton Roads, the day couldn't have started out any better for GONZALEZ as we also re-enlisted another outstanding GONZALEZ Sailor on the same morning. Not too bad for a March Friday - administering an Enlisted and Officer oath in the same day!

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