Thursday, May 28, 2009

GONZALEZ Sailors Receive the USNA Class of 66 Awards

When I took command of GONZALEZ in February 2008, I brought with me a short list of “historic” events in which I wanted GONZALEZ Sailors to participate.
1. Have DDG 66 sail with CG 66, USS HUE CITY, and take the first photos of the two ships with links to Freddy Gonzalez sailing together.
2. Host a very special commemoration on the 66th anniversary of the Battle of Midway.
3. Have Mrs. Gonzalez visit the ship.
4. Collect water from the seven seas, or at least from every body of water we sailed in, and then have GONZALEZ Sailors attend the Blessing of the Fleets Ceremony at the Navy Memorial in Washington DC, and
5. Establish a special relationship with the Naval Academy Class of 66.

Well, having already completed #1 thru #4, we finally achieved #5 two weeks ago. Truth be told, the USNA Class of 66 had already established a great relationship with DDG 66, but to complete the "historic" list we finally awarded the 2008 Class of 66 Leadership Awards to GONZALEZ Sailors a couple of weeks ago.

Congratulations and BRAVO ZULU to LTJG Vince Falcon and BM2(SW) Aijan Deng! Several members of the USNA Class of 66, including Class President Vice Admiral (ret) Michael Haskins visited GONZALEZ and presented the awards. The First Lieutenant and Chief Boatswains Mate received the award for BM2 as he is currently on an Individual Augmentation assignment supporting the deployment of USNS COMFORT.

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