Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Cruise Day 1 - Seamanship Training

Seamanship Training – When it comes to training, GONZALEZ Sailors know we do more Seamanship Training than anything else, and I have always been very proud and impressed every time we have been called to demonstrate our seamanship skills (see our linked articles on Sailboat rescues last winter). So along those lines, today was a typical first day back at sea for us. After our sea and anchor detail transit to the Virginia Capes operating area, we conducted shiphandling training, small boat operations, and practiced man overboard recoveries. Today was a great day to work on line handling skills, give my newest small boat coxswain a chance to practice her skills, and put my newly qualified search and rescue swimmer through his paces. Our embarked USNA Mids also had an opportunity to participate in small boat operations and observe various man overboard recovery maneuvers. Pictures? Of course... - CO

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