Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Cruise_Day 6

Sunday at Sea – Whenever our operations allow we respect Sunday at Sea as a day of rest as much as possible. Sometimes our duties don’t allow, but nonetheless we always offer church services led by our Lay Leaders as GONZALEZ does not have a Navy Chaplain onboard. We also do not pipe reveille on Sunday morning which allows everyone (except the morning watch unfortunately) an opportunity to catch up on sleep. Following Sunday brunch the ship comes to life again and various training opportunities arise. We held some training on the mess decks this afternoon and then participated in a search and rescue training exercise by marking a downed aircraft site for the blue forces. In the afternoon I took the opportunity to talk with our embarked Midshipmen about leadership and naval history related to the Battle of Trafalgar. And for those who asked, yesterday’s flag hoist was simply an A-L-O-H-A to the CO of our target ship.

On a completely separate note, one of the events which takes place in the wardroom each year, usually unheralded throughout this ship, is the Wardroom Mess Treasurer election. The Wardroom Mess Treasurer is typically a new Ensign who is charged with computing the monthly mess bill for the officers and then collecting monthly payments. It’s a somewhat unexciting but necessary duty. Given the number of new Ensigns GONZALEZ has onboard, the competition is heating up. The photo at the right says it all.

Lastly, it seems as if tensions between blue forces and the OPFOR are increasing so I suspect our action will increase dramatically very soon! -CO

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