Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Cruise_Day 7

Fun with Aircraft Carriers – Today was our first day to operate with the BLUE Forces carrier. As part of our tasking, our bridge watchstanders and new Sailors had an opportunity to observe a nice air show as we performed our Opposing Force duties very well – some nice shiphandling and tactical maneuvering by GONZALEZ Sailors! Only a couple of photos today as I spent most of my time on the bridge.

Before maneuvering into the BLUE Forces operations area we had time to conduct a re-enlistment of a Gunners Mate up in the gun mount and kicked off DITS for the week. DITS is short for Division in the Spotlight. Each week all aspects of a single Division are reviewed by various leaders throughout the ship. We review administrative programs, Sailors in the DITS Division take various level of knowledge exams, there is a personal and space inspection, and a host of other events. We even run no-notice damage control and medical emergency drills on the DITS Division to make sure they are keeping their fundamental skills sharp. - CO

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