Thursday, July 9, 2009

CTT3 Riggleman_GONZALEZ Guest Blogger

NASCAR: First, I would like to thank our MWR Team for putting together such wonderful events. We were lucky to be able to attend the NASCAR event and be so close to the action. The day started with a bus ride down to the very sunny Daytona Beach. It took a while for us to get settled, but after that it was amazing. We first witnessed a Bromus- Porsche race which was intense. The drivers were fighting and whipping around to get to the top spot. There were a couple of accidents but no major damage. After a break and before the NASCAR race, we were able to sign the start and finish line. I jumped at this chance knowing it would be very cool. I had my picture taken on that raceway and it smelt of burnt rubber even then. The Coke Zero 400 started, of course, with famous NASCAR words, “Gentleman, start your engines!” I had never been to a NASCAR race, but had seen them on TV, and I can tell you they are a lot better and louder in person. It was a night to remember, one I will never forget it. The last lap was the best! With the #18 and the #11 car battling for the top spot and a multi-car pile up at the finish line right in front of us - a great ending to an awesome, fantastic day.

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