Thursday, July 9, 2009

FC1(SW/AW) Alvelo_GONZALEZ Guest Blogger

We had a great July 4th weekend in Mayport/Jacksonville. And one thing that (shouldn’t have) surprised me was the number of shipmates spending the holiday together…golfing, taking advantage of free Daytona 500 tickets, and generally enjoying each other’s company. And that seems to be the main theme here…this ship more solidifies a family atmosphere than any other I’ve ever been a member of.

As we are back underway now, the routine has set back in, and everyone seems to be refreshed and ready to go. Training is at the forefront, as we have a very important Engineering inspection coming up. With so few days underway, the chain of command wants to ensure we are trained correctly, so that means more drills despite an already full schedule. Nobody said underway was easy, but everyone really seems to get the idea as all facets of the deckplates have been focusing on training the younger personnel, and knocking the rust off of procedures to ensure we are ‘beyond the call’ come inspection time. Constant Damage Control training has helped everyone reach a good working level of knowledge to do their jobs as investigators, boundarymen, and other fire party members. I have no doubt we will shine on inspection day, thanks to the ability of this ship to pull together and not only get the job done, but enjoy it as more than a job because they respect and enjoy the people they work with.

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