Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Cruise_Day 19

A great day for GONZALEZ! After last evening’s events went just past midnight, we had a bit of a slow morning (drills briefs, classroom training, Midshipmen self-defense training, etc) before lunch. We then followed the afternoon meal with an excellent set of engineering drills and evolutions capped off by our best main space fire drill and General Quarters drill during our summer cruise. GONZALEZ Sailors are the most resilient Sailors with whom I have ever had the pleasure to serve. Some of the Sailors in the Repair 5 Damage Control Locker even came up with a few creative ways to motivate the Sailors in their locker with Luchador masks. During the drill we also received a message from the range controller where we conducted our undersea warfare exercises that all of our maneuvers and simulated attacks were evaluated as satisfactory. Following the drill we then hoisted Bravo Zulu CA and Bravo Zulu OI on the starboard and port halyards respectively to recognize the excellent work of GONZALEZ sonar techs and operations specialists.

Finishing off the day in style, our culinary specialists served pizza and chicken wings, our leading culinary specialist senior chief organized an ice cream social, and the MWR committe organized a messdecks spades tournament. - CO

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