Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FC1(SW/AW) Alvelo_Guest Blogger_2

Another guest blog post from FC1 Alvelo...

Last saturday we enjoyed a little relaxation as our Food Service Division prepared a Pizza and Hot Wings night for dinner, followed up with a traditional Ice Cream Social, and MWR sponsored Spades Tournament. While seemingly small, these simple things are important to our morale…just ask a new Sailor like STGSN Cisneros who had Happy Birthday sung to him by the entire messdecks when it was learned last Saturday was also his birthday! The food was phenomenal and the rest of the evening went well as the team of GM1(SW) Johnson and HM3(SW) Martinez won the Spades tourney. Congratulations!

Ice Cream Socials have always been a great treat for the crew of a ship while underway. They are more than a chance to pile up your favorite toppings on your favorite flavor of ice cream though. It’s one of the few times when the entire crew eats together (officers normally dine in the Wardroom, chiefs in the Chief’s Mess, and the crew on the messdecks), and it's a nice reminder that we are “One Ship, One Fight” in more ways than one. Besides, you don’t have too many opportunities to have your Command Master Chief and Senior Chiefs serve you, so you take advantage of that!

The Captain said we did well on our recent evolutions, which is always a relief to see the hard work of so many pay off. The weary faces are evident as I know all of us are ready to be back in homeport, so it’s better to come back knowing we did our jobs well and that we can press on with the many things ahead of us.

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