Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Cruise_Day 20

Unlike our last Sunday at Sea, today was a full and busy workday. We started the day with another set of engineering drills and evolutions and have another set of drills and evolutions scheduled this evening. We also took one more opportunity for some more undersea warfare training this afternoon. One of the implicit themes of our Command Every Day philosophy is not taking “no” for an answer. On our departure from Mayport last week, our very first undersea warfare training in junction with one of the Jacksonville Naval Air Station LAMPS Squadrons had to be cancelled because of inclement weather. Knowing that we would be passing back through the same operating area, but on a Sunday, we worked diligently with our Squadron back home and the LAMPS squadrons in Mayport to see if we could make the training opportunity work in everyone’s favor…and we were successful with all the right help. So this afternoon, we had the opportunity to conduct more undersea warfare training with HSL-60. Thanks guys!

As for other events, we also qualified another Engineering Officer of the Watch and another Officer of the Deck underway. As I look back over the last 17 months, it’s great to add up the number of GONZALEZ men and women who have achieved a range of qualifications. Bravo Zulu to FCO and GSEC who added two more significant qualifications to the ship! As for the strange picture at the top of the post...jelly fish. Surrounded by them today!

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maddog said...

cmdr fort , i have enjoyed keeping in touch with the fighting freddie here on the d66 blog.. as you know i was with freddie in nam in 66 and grace an i have met you and kelly . we thank you for the invite and we are looking forward to your change of command ceremony on aug.14th . also we are not telling dolia we are attending and want to suprise her at the pier that morning . semper fi travis and grace fryzowicz